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1000+ design handcraft natural stone mosaic art

July 8, 2019

Stone Mosaic

Stone mosaic is also a popular decorating material for wall and floor.

We Rich mosaic have 10+ experience of this stone handcrafted mosaic art and 1000+ designs for sale.

Handcut Stone Mosaic

Stone Medallion

A) The stone mosaic art can be used indoors or outdoors;
B) It’s suitable for Cathedral , the residential home, hotel, villa, bar, ballroom, saloons, SPAS, café room, countertops, backsplashes;
C) Swimming pool, shower wall, bathroom wall, floor, ceiling, exterior wall;
D) Fountains, columns, walls, floors & ceilings etc.

If you have any projects need this stone mosaic, welcome contact us for order inquiry.

By the way, for more design, you can download catalog from our download page.




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