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About the material type of the handcraft mosaic art

Dear customers,   Thanks for browse our website.   Here let us introduce the material type of the handcraft mosaic art choose. Usually we do them in glass type or stone type also in ceramic type. Here show you some ideas. They are various use in  home decoration (living room, bathroom, dining room, kitchen, corridor, balcony… …). And commercial sites and other …

RM-FL69 Backsplash Wall Art 100% Handmade Mosaic Mural

How place an order to Rich mosaic team?

Dear customers,   Thanks for visit our website. I am the owner of Rich Mosaic Art company – Vita Huang. We are a mosaic art studio focus mosaic mural art from 2008 local in Foshan city,China.   Why we build this website? Because of I want our excellent mosaic mural art can show to the world. Not only in domestic …

What difference between handcrafted mosaic mural and pexel mosaic pattern?

What difference between handcrafted mosaic mural and pexel mosaic pattern?

About what difference between handcrafted mosaic mural and pexel mosaic pattern ? Handcrated mosaic mural is manual fine cut, handicraft cost time, exquisite workmanship, material fastidious, without gap, cost is a lot higher so. Pexel mosaic pattern is 2 centimeter ,1.5 centimter ,1 centimter or so small grain is put together into a design, look far the effect is about …

Mosaic tile loose chip

What material will use for the handcraft mural mosaic?

We all know that the mosaics we make are the best, excluding the artisits experience and excellent skill.Another important thing is mosaic chip material we use also in best quality. What material we use in chip size 10*10 mm and 15*15 mm. They have crystal mosaic chip, ice jade mosaic chip,porcelain jade mosaic chip and foil glass mosaic chip.   …

Stone Mosaic

1000+ design handcraft natural stone mosaic art

Stone mosaic is also a popular decorating material for wall and floor. We Rich mosaic have 10+ experience of this stone handcrafted mosaic art and 1000+ designs for sale.  A) The stone mosaic art can be used indoors or outdoors; B) It’s suitable for Cathedral , the residential home, hotel, villa, bar, ballroom, saloons, SPAS, café room, countertops, backsplashes; C) …

Do you know our mosaic mural art?

Do you know our mosaic mural art?

Dear customers:   I am the owner of rich mosaic company . Why do I write about this topic? Because of I want more and more people will know and love our mosaic mural art.   Beautiful things are not their own beauty, but the definition given by people’s aesthetic evaluation.   The mosaic mural art not the new decorative …

Ordering concerns

Ordering concerns

1, Q:Are you a factory or a trading company? A:We are a 12 years experience factory in Foshan city,China.   2,Q:Do you provide samples?And what time will need? A:Yes! we can make samples, but samples are need to cost US$35/Piece 30*30 cm. Also can make it larger cost in square meter.   3,Q:What price of your mural mosaic art? A:We …


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