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Handcraft Mosaic Backsplash

Handcraft Mosaic Backsplash is a kind of artwork which 100% pure handcut glass tile chips 10*10 mm or 15*15 mm by artists. It will be more rich in artistic value and manual skills. The color is bright and rich, the lines are smooth and exquisite. Belongs to the high-grade home decorate material.It is the adornment effect that common mosaic cannot achieve.

Pixel Mosaic Pattern

Pixel Mosaic Pattern is a kind of mould make mosaic tiles. It have various design also can in totall 3 mosaic tiles size,10*10 mm,15*15 mm or 20*20 mm,smaller tiles size to make is better but price higher. It according the totally wall area. Even if you have special color request,we also can do a customized design.


Here show some projects from clients feedback in these years. Thanks for their cases support and welcome more feedback.


Foshan Liqi Home building Materials Co., Ltd. adhere to environmental protection, simple, personality, light custom industry resource integration concept. We are looking for quality home improvement products for our lovers. Here to share some inspiration, hope you have like and demand, contact us to order!

Mosaic Chip for Craft

There are a lot of Mosaic lovers friends private letter me, you are with what material to do so beautiful Mosaic art? In response to your request, we are now also launched Mosaic loose chip sales. This is 15*15*4mm ice jade and porcelain jade loose chip series. Sales with surface paper paste. Calculation method: 20*20 chips = 400 chips/Sheet 9.35 sheets/Sqm 20 Sheets = 2.14sqm/Carton MOQ =1 Carton = 8000 Chips We will continue to update, if there are other can be prepared for sale.

Cheap Price Glass Mosaic

This series mosaic tile are hot melting edge one for swimming pool ,bathroom,Spa,Steamroom,Kitchen ... ... They are colorful mixed also can in size 25*25 mm or 48*48 mm. Because each time we are very large batch production, so we can lower the cost, so that more people can accept. It major for home decoration DIY or construction team project materials. Major color have in stock to send fast. Welcome inquiry.

Peel & Stick Backsplash Tile

Peel & Stick Backsplash Tile is a kind of popular home DIY wall decorate material. It is easy to installed by ownself without tiler 's help. It major is Aluminium mateiral with difference pattern print and it have 3M tape in backside . So why call Peel & Stick Backsplash Tile.

Hot Melting Glass Mosaic

Hot Melting Glass Mosaic is a popular type of Mosaic. It has the advantages of moisture-proof and waterproof, anti-slip wear resistance, heat resistance and frost resistance, anti-stain and mildew, easy to clean. Suitable for swimming pool, courtyard, playground, outdoor landscape pool, bath center, kitchen, bathroom, balcony, ground, etc.

Ceramic Art Tile

"Ceramic Art Tile" comes from an Arabic word meaning "Polished stone" and seems to have its own natural romanticism. Different from the plain monochrome brick which appeals to "joker", the tile design is rich and colorful. Through different combinations and cuts, it deduces the decoration with unique personality. In recent years, tiling is being applied more and more widely in domestic outfit. We hope that you can choose some styles in our design for your home decoration.

Stone Mosaic Tile

Our stone mosaic tile is the regualr stock one series. We have many type design and can widely used in indoor or outdoor floor. And major we are the orginal source factory for it. So we have best price and produce quality control. Welcome enquiry.

Colorful Ceramics Mosaic

Colorful Ceramics Mosaic totally have 30 kinds color for freedom mixed. It is a very leisure and activity tile for wall and floor decorate, it popular in kitchen , bathroom and outdoor park or school decorate.

Character Pixel Mosaic

Character Pixel Mosaic is the use of 10*10mm hot melt Mosaic template pieced together, the background color can be free to match according to your needs.

Sandwich Gold Mosaic

Sandwich Gold Mosaic is the top luxury 24-karat real gold foil made from special glass. It widely used in hotel ,church or mall adorn. We also will have some clients purchasing the loose chip gold tiles for their mosaic studio handcraft work.

Animal Hanging Wall

Our resin series of animal hanging wall is a very simple, life-respecting art creation. We oppose people's hunting of animals. Every life should be respected by its survival. The design inspiration from the nature is warm and natural. Let a person calm low-key, moist, soft and firm soft, add fashion art to household life. Show a beautiful scenery line.

China Shiwan Figurines

China Shiwan Figurines, also known as Shiwan Art Ceramics, are a kind of traditional ceramic handicrafts with special features. Produced in the famous town of Chinese ceramics in guangdong foshan city shiwan town, is in the high development of daily pottery, commercial circulation on the basis of active prosperity of the generation. Its artistic creation is rooted in the folk, each work is full of vigorous, rough, simple, frank aesthetic taste. Shiwan figures glaze unique, rich and gorgeous glaze, vivid shape. In terms of techniques, the human skin is expressed by the unglazed clay "fetal bone", which has achieved the artistic effect of "more warmth and humanity than porcelain carving". Since the Ming Dynasty, "Shiwan figurines" have gradually formed their own style, in the development process of eclectic, good imitation good creation, become a wonderful flower in the history of Chinese and even the world pottery. It is a kind of traditional folk art full of local flavor.

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