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Backsplash do Mosaico Artesanal

Handcraft Mosaic Backsplash is a kind of artwork which 100% pure handcut glass tile chips 10*10 mm or 15*15 mm by artists. It will be more rich in artistic value and manual skills. The color is bright and rich, the lines are smooth and exquisite. Belongs to the high-grade home decorate material.It is the adornment effect that common mosaic cannot achieve.

Mosaico de Cerâmica Colorida

Colorful Ceramics Mosaic totally have 30 kinds color for freedom mixed. It is a very leisure and activity tile for wall and floor decorate, it popular in kitchen , bathroom and outdoor park or school decorate.

Ceramic Art Tile

"Ceramic Art Tile" comes from an Arabic word meaning "Polished stone" and seems to have its own natural romanticism. Different from the plain monochrome brick which appeals to "joker", the tile design is rich and colorful. Through different combinations and cuts, it deduces the decoration with unique personality. In recent years, tiling is being applied more and more widely in domestic outfit. We hope that you can choose some styles in our design for your home decoration.

Mosaico Pixel de caractere

Character Pixel Mosaic is the use of 10*10mm hot melt Mosaic template pieced together, the background color can be free to match according to your needs.

Mosaico de Ouro sanduíche

Sandwich Gold Mosaic is the top luxury 24-karat real gold foil made from special glass. It widely used in hotelchurch or mall adorn. We also will have some clients purchasing the loose chip gold tiles for their mosaic studio handcraft work.
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    Rico mosaico a fábrica é situada em Foshan, China já tem 18 anos, Estamos empenhados em satisfazer as necessidades dos clientes, proporcionando alta qualidade arte mosaico mural de parede azulejo backsplash.


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