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What difference between handcrafted mosaic mural and pexel mosaic pattern?

August 15, 2020

About what difference between handcrafted mosaic mural and pexel mosaic pattern ?

Handcrated mosaic mural is manual fine cut, handicraft cost time, exquisite workmanship, material fastidious, without gap, cost is a lot higher so. Pexel mosaic pattern is 2 centimeter ,1.5 centimter ,1 centimter or so small grain is put together into a design, look far the effect is about the same, look close difference a lot of, so cost is low.

Handcrafted mosaic for reference:

Mosaic art

Mosaic artwork

Pexel mosaic pattern:

Wall mosaic tile

The reuse of Mosaic in contemporary decorating, let adornment be not drab. Now decorate in the Mosaic redefine, let your home have a unique style. Because Mosaic makes craft different, compare novel to have originality, also because these brought up firm, glittering and translucent get rid of appears, believe your home is unique certainly. The Mosaic on tradition, it is very simple, do not have any originality place, because the ceramic Mosaic color on tradition practice is relatively drab, style is simple, fall off easily, let a lot of people do not go choosing Mosaic. Today’s mosaics get rid of the stale and bring forth the fresh, created the new era of mosaics. Mosaic is used commonly in the place such as toilet, bathroom, because its area is cabinet, serve as floor tile, not easy let a person slip fall, suit wet slippery environment especially. Nostalgic restoring ancient ways is the aim of Mosaic, because Mosaic appeared for a long time. Of wall brick, floor tile appear ceaselessly for a period of time and popularize, the application of Mosaic also is less and less, rolled out to decorate a market almost. And in recent years, Mosaic appears in our field of vision again, besides its nostalgic feeling, restore ancient ways feels, have great change again, became the hot spot that grabs a hand.

So what is handcrafted mosaic mural?

Let us to clarify.

It is made with Mosaic loose chips as raw materials, with figures, landscapes, any pictures or their own photos can also be as the subject, through the whole Mosaic, and some cutting processing, according to the color texture with the same shape in accordance with the direction of demand, the curve is mainly Italian curve and other techniques; Using the selection of drawings, cutting, paste and other processes and processing of fine art.

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