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Rich mosaic
Rich mosaic
Rich mosaic


RICH MOSAIC ART is a brand of Foshan Liqi home building materials Co., Ltd. We locate in Foshan city,China from 2008.

And focus on home building material which is environmental,simplicity,individuality and artistry. From design, product, sale and shipment arrange one-stop service.

Major product is handmade glass mosaic mural art.

It is a 100% pure handcrafted made glass artwork by artists from small mosaic chips. This is the need for superb skills and rich artistic foundation,also spend times to finished. So why they can have irreplaceable effect in decorating a home.

Regardless of your indoor, or outdoor wall floor, all can be applied. Because we use high temperature fired high quality glass particles. Won’t fade, won’t break easily.

At the same time, we support to design customized, and also the size customized. Welcome send message to us for inquiries.

Flower Mural Mosaic Art

Flower Mural Mosaic Art

All kinds of flowers are nature’s most beautiful gift to the world, they with brilliant attitude, charming fragrance to embellishment of our life. Is the so-called one flower one world, one leaf one universe. Every kind of flower is a metaphor of beautiful youth, strong character, vigorous vigor.
Scenery Mural Mosaic Art

Scenery Mural Mosaic Art

The wind, so soft, driving the trees, grass dance together, when a gust of wind, as mother’s hand gently stroked our face, I like the feeling, with a trace of cool, let a person relaxed and happy. Beautiful scenery, please purify our hearts, wash away our anxiety!
Abstract Mural Mosaic Art

Abstract Mural Mosaic Art

Abstract painting is a painting with little or no resemblance to natural objects and with strong forms to form a face. Although a lot of people cannot understand the content in the painting, they are deeply affected by it. Therefore, abstract painting is the best choice for more and more people as modern interior decoration painting.
Animal Mural Mosaic Art

Animal Mural Mosaic Art

Modern human life is fast-paced, the circle is depressed, always yearn for can have the space of animal freedom. Like birds flying in the blue sky, like fish swimming in the water, like the zebra in the vast grassland running. Aren’t we all looks gentle, inner hot?


We adhere to only excellent mural mosaic art,and absolute responsibility for customers.

We have multiple of mosaic chips for handcraft mural mosaic art, with their bright colors and smooth textures, can be used in different designs.

After 12 years accumulate, we have thousands of mural mosaic art designs, including some original ones, some customized ones.

Our artists are all graduates of the famous art college, with a high level of art appreciation and good handcraft skills.

Our sales team, professional and patient, will assist customers to complete the order process happily.



    Rich Mosaic Art factory is located in Foshan, China already has 12 years, we have been committed to meet the needs of customers, providing high quality wall tile backsplash mural mosaic art.


    Address: Qingke Rd.,Chancheng District 528000,Foshan City,Guangdong Province,China

    Tel: +86.13516506104
    Email: richmosaic@outlook.com

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